WP – FM Chat

Install, Activate, and Updates

There are two ways of installing a module in WordPress. You can install it through the “Plugins Page” or via FTP.
ATTENTION, for FTP installation, it is recommended to contact your WP specialist.



Visit your WordPress Plugins page and click “Add New”




Upload Plugin

In the new page that has opened, click “Upload Plugin”




Select and Install

Click the “browse” or “choose file” button. Then, select the ZIP file containing the plugin that you want to upload to your WordPress. Once uploaded, click the “Install Now” button




Activate the Plugin

Finally, to use the module you will have to activate it. To do so, please, click on “Activate”. If you need to uninstall the module, please click the “Delete” button

Module Configuration

The FM Chat plugin has been created to centralize different sorts of communication tools into a pop-up. In the first versions of this module, you’ll be able to let your visitors reach you via WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email among others… Let’s see some examples on how to set up the plugin.

Plugin design


The first screen of this module will allow you to set up the design of the pop-up. You will be able to select the position and colors of the “bubble”.
This screen is divided into two parts:
On the left side, you can check the status and some quick instructions to set up the plugin.
On the right side, you can change the module design: display, color, position, and reset design to default.


Channel configuration

Every Channel is setup in a very similar way. Let’s take as an example the Email channel:

Enable a Channel

When you enable a channel on “Chat settings”, it becomes visible on the front page. In other words, your visitors will be able to reach you through the channels with the enable setting switched ON.

Adding an employee

When you click on Add button, you open a new window that will permit you to set up the schedule, name, alias… of the employee.

Employee setup

Every channel will require a different set of informations. To work correctly, please fill the data requested in the text box, similar to this one:

If no time is set, the availability will be 24h
Time is set according to your wordpress’ settings.


For this plugin, updates are done manually. You will be informed by Code Canyon about them when they’ll be available.


Let us know through our contact page or through help@ferrermasson.com


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